INCUBATOR Terms and conditions

 1. Only the power supply marked on the incubator can be used, 220-240v;

2. Do not put any items on the wire, the power line of incubator shall be placed where it won’t be stepped on or make people trip and fall;

 3. Make sure that any socket and extension cables in use have no overload, otherwise, it may cause fire or electric shock;

 4. If the incubator is smoking, or sending abnormal smell or unusual noise, please cut off the power supply and pull down the power line to stop the fault, after that, contact us straight away

 5. Please don’t touch the power line with wet hands, or it may cause electric shock;

 6. This incubator can’t be exposed to rain and sunshine;

 7. Make sure that the power supply is switched off before cleaning the incubator;

 8. The incubator shall be placed in room where is ventilated without vibratory equipment, it can’t be placed in room with fast

air movement or room with harmful and noxious chemicals and other pollutants.

 9. Don’t block the air-bleed hole when the incubator is on.

 10. The apparatus has been checked and PAT tested by  a qualified and certified portable appliance tester by Clucky’s ready for use.  Any signs of damage must be reported and the appliance must be switched off and taken out of use immediately.

 11. Children must not be left alone with the incubator and brooder.  All children must be supervised and only an adult should be allowed to touch the incubator at any time

 12.  Only people over the age of 18 can hire a Clucky’s incubator and brooder

 13. You are responsible for the welfare of any chicks unless returned to Clucky’s at the end of the hire period

 14. Clucky’s can not be held responsible for any damage caused to property, or buildings as a result of damage caused by the incubator or brooder,  the hirer accepts all responsibility for any damaged caused.

 15. Payment is required on delivery of the product

 16.  Equipment must be returned in a clean, undamaged condition otherwise other charges may occcur.

 17.All equipment must be returned and will be collected by Clucky’s on the agreed dates.  The hirer must contact Clucky’s to arrange collection.

18. Any unsuccessful hatches are usually due to user error and Clucky’s can not be responsible for unsuccessful hatching of eggs.  If all eggs do not hatch, we will offer 6 more eggs free of charge, but hire charges can not be refunded